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From Scratch With Love!

Bon Appetit Creperie (BAC) is a family owned business that was created in 2017. Mimi and her daughters, Lalla, Salma, and Samira moved to East Boston 10 years ago from Mali, a West African country and former French colony. Lalla Mourtada, the eldest daughter and her husband Shawket were the inspiration for the crepe business. The couple moved to Harrisburg, PA., for Shawket’s work and decided to open a stand in the Broad Street Market in 2017. A year later, we decided to open a stand in the Boston Public Market. Three years later, we decided to expand and open one in the Chicago French Market.


Before opening BAC, we tasted crepes from different creperies, however, none of them tasted like the original ones we knew growing up. Mimi has always been a passionate and excellent home cook, so we saw an opportunity to create a creperie with the goal of offering a wide variety of sweet/savory crepes and waffles, with an authentic French, Mediterranean, and African experience. BAC’s mission is to introduce residents and tourists in Chicago to European (Halal) crepes at a low cost, while still maintaining great quality.

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